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Courses in English



Faculty of Food technology, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland, offers foreign students courses conducted in English. For more information click here (erasmus.ur.krakow.pl)



Outline of studies

Type of studies: master
Numer of semesters: 3
Profile: practical
ECTS: 90

Application deadline: 20th September

Education program


List of courses

mandatory courses:

  • Specialization Technology I – III,
  • Specialization Seminar I and II,
  • Applied Informatics,
  • Applied Statistics ,
  • Foreign Language,
  • Design of Experiments and Data Analysis,
  • Nutrigenomics,
  • Methods in Research I – III,
  • Packaging, Storage and Transport of Food Products,
  • New Trends in Food Processing,
  • Seminar Diploma,
  • Global Politics in Human Nutrition,
  • Cross Disciplinary Course,
  • Physical Education,
  • Social Science Course,
  • National Security.

optional courses:

  • Specialization Technology I – III,
  • Applied Industrial Enzymology,
    The Fundamental of Industrial Enzymology,
  • Biotechnology of Aroma Compounds,
  • Natural Sweeteners,
  • Nutrition & Health,
  • Food Product Development,
  • Mushroom Processing,
  • Production and Nutritional Significance of Chocolate,
  • Physical Chemistry of Main Food Components,
  • Modern Aspect of Carbohydrate Chemistry & Technology,
  • Cereal Processing,
  • Analysis of Bioactive Compounds in Cereal Grain,
  • Selected Topics in Modern Food Technology,
  • Selected Topics in Modern Nutrition.

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PhD in Brewing and Malting

Outline of studies

Type of studies: Ph.D.
Numer of semesters: 6
Profile: practical
ECTS: 40

Application deadline: 30th July (starting 2020)






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