Faculty of Food Technology

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Department of Food Analysis and Quality Assessment

  • chemical and physical modifications of starch of various botanical origin
  • interactions of modified starches with food ingredients
  • analysis of maltodextrins as a fat substitute
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis of saccharides and phenolic compounds found in food
  • assessment of selected physical and chemical properties of edible films
  • antioxidant activity and polyphenol profile of selected bee products
  • sensory analysis of nutrient products

 Head of the Department: prof. dr hab. Teresa Fortuna


Department of Food Biotechnology

  • phytates and their hydrolysis products as functional food ingredients
  • fermented products by tempeh method
  • animal cell culture in vitro
  • preparations of enzymes relaxing the plant tissues
  • catechins as food stabilizers
  • GMO detection
  • extraction of pectin and analysis of their biological properties

Head of the Department: prof. dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Żyła

Contact: kbz@urk.edu.pl


Department of Refrigeration and Food Concentrates

  • optimization and improvement of technological processes in refrigeration and food freezing
  • storage and quality and durability of raw materials and food products of plant and animal origin. Accelerated Food Stability Assessment (ASLT)
  • computer-aided optimization of operations and unit processes in food technology
  • use of enzyme preparations for the modification of food proteins
  • optimization and improvement of methods of obtaining vitamins, coloring and nutritional supplements from vegetable raw materials
  • research on the technology, quality and safety of low processed foodstuffs
  • application of instrumental methods for the examination of food texture
  • developing new food concentrate recipes and forecasting their durability
  • determining the impact of technological processes and storage conditions on the content of heterocyclic aromatic amines and biogenic amines in food

Head of the Department: prof. dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Surówka


Department of Engineering and Machinery in Food Industry

  • rheology and structure of food products
  • phase transformation in biological material
  • synthesis of new materials
  • methods Colligative
  • laser light scattering
  • chemical and biohemical reaction kinetics

Head of the Department: prof. dr hab. inż. Narcyz Grzesik


Department of Animal Product Technology

Scientific activity in the field of meat technology:

  • effects of live and post-mortem factors on qualitative properties of raw materials for slaughter (pig, beef, veal, sheep, poultry, fish)
  • assessment of the degree of advancement of endo- and exogenous physicochemical and biochemical changes of slaughter raw materials
  • assessment of the degree of endo and exogenous changes in physico-chemical and biochemical meat products
  • microstructure studies and texture of meat and meat products
  • developing technology for the production of low-fat meat products using red meat, poultry and fish
  • development of technology of production of meat products with functional and health benefits
  • design of new meat products based on traditional recipes
  • evaluation of nutritional value and sensory quality of meat and meat products
  • influence of environmental factors on the growth of microflora of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants
  • analysis of composition of microflora of meat and meat products

Scientific activity in the field of milk technology:

  • assessment of the impact of various factors on the technological suitability of cow's milk, sheep's, goat's and sheep's milk
  • developing technology for the production of fermented milk drinks and cheeses with better functional properties
  • factors determining cholesterol content in milk and dairy products
  • effect of selected factors on the content of bioactive substances in milk and fermented milk products
  • utilization of servings for the production of fermented whey-fruit-vegetable drinks
    texture and micro-textures of dairy products
  • possibility of using microbiological transglutaminase in milk processing
  • enriching dairy products with ingredients with high antioxidant activity (tea, vegetables, herbs, wild fruits)
  • proteolysis in milk and dairy products
  • use of low hydrostatic pressure for milk processing
  • study the content of volatile fragrances in cheeses
  • evaluation of quality of dairy products from industrial and farm production

Head of the Department: prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Domagała

Contact: kppz@urk.edu.pl


Department of Raw Materials and Fruit and Vegetable Processing

  • quality of raw materials for processing
  • fixation methods
  • biologically active compounds
  • non-nutrient compounds
  • storage stability

Head of the Department: Dr hab. inż. Piotr Gębczyński, prof. UR

Contact: ktowg@urk.edu.pl


Department of Fermentation Technology and Technical Microbiology

  • flavor components, aroma and other beverage ingredients, beverage stability
  • evaluation of the technical suitability of various fruits from domestic crops
  • process optimization using pectinolytic, aylolytic and cellulolytic enzymes
  • effect of activators and inhibitors on the ethanol etching kinetics and synthesis of numerous flavor components during the production of wines, meads, beers and ethanol
  • morphology of various yeast strains and culture of mixed microorganisms and their technological applicability
  • use of killer yeast in fermentation processes
  • optimization of processes for preparation of different drinks in order to improve their health-promoting properties, with particular attention to antioxidant
  • heavy metals biosorption by yeast and Arthrospira cyanobacteria
  • the influence of biodegradation on fermentative activity of yeast
  • recovery of bioactive compound from waste materials of the fruit and vegetable industry, biomass of yeast and other microorganisms
  • evaluation of the antioxidant potential and antimicrobial properties of various herbs and bee products
  • effect of selected bee products on microbiological stability of food

Head of the Department: Dr hab. inż. Paweł Satora, prof. UR

Contact: sekretariat.ktfimt@urk.edu.pl


Department of Carbohydrate Technology

  • study of structure and functional starches of different botanical origin
  • evaluation of technological value of bread and cereal cereals, legumes and tubers
  • development of innovative recipes and technology of traditional and dietary bread and extruded snack products
  • developing new technologies for the production of gluten-free bread
  • preparation, examination of properties and application of dietetic cereals (beta-glucan and pentosan concentrates)
  • study of interaction of starch with polysaccharide hydrocolloids
  • chemical and enzymatic modifications of polysaccharides and oligosaccharides (cyclodextrins)
  • evaluation of physico-chemical properties of native honey and honey bee herd

Head of the Department: Prof. dr hab. inż. Halina Gambuś

Contact: ktw@urk.edu.pl


Department of Human Nutrition

  • nutritional value of food
  • food contamination
  • chemical instrumental analysis
  • food monitoring

Head of the Department: Prof. dr hab. inż. Teresa Leszczyńska




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