Faculty of Food Technology

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  • Modification and effect of modified starch interactions with sucrose and its substitutes on formation of free radicals.
  • The use of natural food components bioconversion to improve its pro-health values (functional food),
  • Computer-aided optimisation of operations and unit processes in food technology.
  • The use of enzymatic preparations for food protein modification.
  • Optimisation and upgrading the processes of dye and nutritional vitamin concentrate production from plant raw materials.
  • Assessment of rheological and structural properties of biological material.
  • Determining the effect of intravital, after-slaughter and technological factors on the quality of meat and meat products.
  • Functional properties of milk from various animal species.
  • Determining the range of hydrolytic changes in dairy products during their storage or maturation.
  • Studies of the effect of transglutaminase on the properties of dairy products.
  • Studying the effect of various factor on the quality of fruit, vegetable and mushroom products.
  • Optimisation of processes using pectinolytic, amylolytic and cellulolytic enzymes.
  • Kinetics of ethanol fermentation.
  • Recovering bioactive compounds from fruit and vegetable processing waste materials.
  • Reducing the ageing process in bread, improving nutritional value of gluten-free breads.
  • Potential of non-food application of carbohydrate materials.
  • Synergy effects of polysaccharides to obtain food products.
  • Testing antioxidant properties of food products and functional properties of bee honey.
  • Assessment of chemical composition and functional properties of food with particular regard to hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycaemic and antioxidant effect.

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